Q: Does the campground have showers?
A: Yes, the facilities are quite comfortable and well maintained.
Q: Can we bring our own gear and equipment?
A: Absolutely, Tsali is right on Lake Fontana and has some of the best mountain bike trails in the country.
A: Can I choose other campgrounds? 
Q: No, we have narrowed down our choices to just Tsali because of its great central location to all of the Adventure Items we offer, its superior facilities and access to the eastern side of Smoky Mountain National Park and Nantahala National Forest.
Q: Is there firewood available?
 A: You can pick up downed wood in the national forest, there is wood available at local grocery stores,and roadside stands or we would be glad to provide it for you for a small fee.  Check with us at reservation time.      <Please do not bring firewood that is not from this area, it can have pests and disease that affect our native habitat.>
Q: Is there cell service or internet at Tsali?
A: Cell service is sketchy at best anywhere in the mountains, texting usually works. There is no internet other than cell service.  There is internet at local cafes and restaurants.


Q: Are there bears or other wildlife we should know about?
A: Tsali is a very safe area and not a known bear habitat, that being said we do have the possibility of all kinds of critters including bears.   Be sure to keep food in the camper or your car when you are not around, even mice, raccoons and squirrels will chew through things.
Q: Does the solar power work at night too? 
A: Yes, we have a battery bank that gives you plenty of 12v dc and 120 volt ac electricity at night and on rainy days.
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Q: Does the kitchen come stocked?
 A: Yes, with pots, pans, plates, silverware and even a coffee grinder. There is a pop up shelter covering the kitchen area.
Q: Does the awning room have walls and a floor?
A: Yes, with an exterior doorway and a doorway leading into the sleeping compartment of the SunDrop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens if the Tsali campground is full?
A: We arrive to set up so early that that has never been a problem, if that does come up we work with two private campgrounds in the same area that will handle the overflow. 
Q: Do I have to pay the campground registration fee?
A: No, it is built into the price, the campsite will be registered in your name.
Q:What size are the beds?
A: The Big SunDrop has a queen size mattress, the Little SunDrop has a full size mattress, both come with two cots that go in the awning room.
Q: What if we can't make it by check in time?
A: No worries, we will still have everything set up and just hide the key in a pre arranged spot and we'll meet you later. 
Q: What type of sleeping gear and clothes should I bring?
A: Even though the trailers are well insulated it can get quite cool even in the summer, also it does rain, even though we provide plenty of shelter you will need rain gear and whatever gear that is specific to what you are planning. Bring sleeping bags, sheets or blankets and towels.
Q: Can I tow the camper with my own vehicle?
A: No, our insurance company requires us to tow and set up.